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Repair and Maintenance& rebuilding of equipment Needed 
Maintenance, repair & rebuilding of equipment NAICS Code: 811 -- Repair and Maintenance/811310 -- Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance The contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment to replace the hydraulic fan on a 2009 Bobcat T300. Generally, the work will consist of replacing the fan, fittings, and hydraulic fluid. MATERIALS All materials shall be new and rated for the intended use of a Bobcat T300. ACCOMPLISHMENT OF WORK All work shall be accomplished in a safe, workmanlike manner and in accordance with standard industry practices. COORDINATION OF WORK All work shall be coordinated with Craig Robbins, Lake Manager, telephone number (918) 484-5135. TESTING Once the fan is installed, the contractor shall test operate the Bobcat to assure the fan is operating correctly. The contractor shall also demonstrate, in the presence of the Contracting Officer Representative, the operation of the Bobcat with the new hydraulic fan. SAFETY The contractor shall comply with all applicable provisions of the Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual EM 385-1-1. WAGE RATES The contractor will be required to comply with certain wage decisions as detailed further in the special contract clauses. PAYMENT Payment will be lump sum for all work specified. Contracting Office Address: Attn: CESWT- CT 1645 South 101st East Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74128-4609 United States Place of Performance: 102 East 200 BK Roa STIGLER, Oklahoma 74462 United States Primary Point of Contact.: ROBERT NORRIS Phone: 9186697279