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Publishing Industries (except Internet) Needed
Books, maps & other publications NAICS Code: 511 -- Publishing Industries (except Internet)/511130 -- Book Publishers USCIS is requesting a combo-pack of the 2015 Ed. Immigration Nationality Act (one volume) & 2015 Ed. CFR Immigration Regulations (two volumes). 1 EA= 1 combo-pack including all (3) volumes. Requesting 37 combo-packs in total. ISBN 978-1-57370-370-3 / ISBN 978-1-57370-382-6 AILA 2015 Ed. Immigration Nationality Act & 2015 Ed. CFR Immigration Regulations Combo-pack. 37 EA. USCIS intends to award a delivery order in accordance with FAR 15.101-2, Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) source selection process. The resultant delivery order will be subject to the attached Terms and Conditions. Contracting Office Address: 70 Kimball Avenue Burlington, Vermont 05403 Place of Performance: DHS/ USCIS Office of Policy & Strategy 20 Massachusettes Ave, NW Room 1100 Washington, District of Columbia 20529 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Kyle R. Shum, Contract Specialist