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Trinidian Organization is Looking for Suppliers of Liquid(Gaseous) Chlorine. Basic Information: Location: St. Joseph, Trinidad and Tobago (S) Contact Information: Issuing Organization: Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago Contact Name: The Purchasing Manager Voice: (868)662-2302 Fax: Lead Description: Foreign Government Tender Trinidian Organization is Looking for Suppliers of Liquid(Gaseous) Chlorine. Request for Expressions of Interest for The Supply and Delivery of Liquid (Gaseous) Chlorine to Water and Sewerage authority Trinidad and Tobago BACKGROUND Water and Sewerage Authority Trinidad and Tobago (WASA) is desirous of identifying local/regional/international suppliers of liquid (gaseous) chloride to be used in the Treatment of water at its various plants. Liquid chlorine is used at approximately one hundred and fifteen (115) facilities of varying configurations and sizes, which together produce approximately 200 million gallons of water per day. The largest such facility is the Caroni Arena Water Treatment Plant which produces 40% of the country's water supply. Currently, some thirteen (13) larger plants are supplied with liquid chlorine via the medium of one (1) tonne drums, while the remaining smaller plants use the medium of 150lb cylinders. WASA's total average daily usage of liquid chlorine varies from 7,500 kgs to 10,000 kgs, and maintaining a minimum stock level of twenty-one (21) days at all plants at all times is the operational target. WASA is therefore seeking suitable firms that can supply and deliver liquid chlorine as and when required in the shortest timeframe possible to its various facilities on a timely basis and in accordance with the latest technologies and highest standards of safety. In order to satisfy this request, firms will be required to provide information to WASA demonstrating their ability to supply and deliver the quantity and standard of liquid chlorine required to achieve and maintain desired stock levels at all times. DESIRED CAPABILITIES WASA now invites eligible firms to indicate their interest in the supply and delivery of liquid chlorine. Interested firms must provide information establishing that they are qualified to supply and deliver liquid chlorine (brochures, description of similar supply arrangements, relevant certification, standards, logical and other experience in the supply and delivery of liquid chlorine in the quantities and media described, availability of appropriate resources, litigation history, financial capability, etc.) Firms may associate to enhance their capability to execute the required supply and delivery arrangements. In essence, firms must effectively demonstrate their capability to undertake such arrangements. Interested firms may obtain further information at the address below during business hours 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., Monday to Friday. Further, interested respondents are required to provide a valid email address when registering for the Expression of Interest upon which time a copy of the specifications would be provided. THE ENVELOPE MUST BE ADDRESSED TO: The Purchasing Manager Water and Sewerage Authority Farm Road, St. Joseph And must be clearly marked: “Expression of Interest for the Supply and Delivery of Liquid(Gaseous) Chlorine to Water and Sewerage Authority Trinidad and Tobago” Ref. No.: WTC 27/2013. Expressions of interest must be submitted in duplicate, enclosed in plain, sealed envelopes and deposited in the Cream Tenders Box located in the Security Lobby of the Ground Floor, Block A, Water and Sewerage Authority, Farm Road, St. Joseph. Quantity: EndUser: Information on this Trade Lead was submitted by the US Embassy Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago by Language: English Seller: Agents and Distributors acceptable US Firm Information: Timing: Immediate Issuing Agency: Water and Sewerage Authority Trinidad and Tobago Do Bidding Procedures Apply: Yes Solicitation Type: N/A Solicitation Number: N/A Government URL: Business Type: