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The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) in Kingston, Jamaica is inviting tenders for the supply of pharmaceutical preparations. Basic Information: Location: St. Andrew, Mona, Jamaica (S) Contact Information: Issuing Organization: University Hospital of the West Indies Contact Name: Trevor McCartney Voice: (876) 927-1620-9 Fax: (876) 927-2101 Lead Description: Private Lead INVITATION TO TENDER - SUPPLY OF PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) in Kingston, Jamaica invites tenders for the supply of 660 pharmaceutical preparations over two years. Delivery of amounts equal to 1/6th of the total quantity of each item shall be made every four months over the two-year period. Bidders may bid on the total quantity for any one or more item(s). Funding for the purchase of the pharmaceuticals will be provided by the UHWI. ELIGIBILY REQUIREMENTS a. Registration with the National Contracts Commission (NCC) in the Medical, Pharmaceutical Equipment and Supplies Category. b. Valid Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC). c. Proof form the manufacturer that the bidder is authorized to supply the item(s) being offered, if the bidder is not the manufacturer. d. Registration of all items offered. In accordance with the Food & Drug Act (1964) of the Laws of Jamaica, prior to the submission of bids. e. A copy of the Pharmaceutical Product License, issued by the Ministry of Health of Jamaica, must be submitted with bids for each item offered. f. Bid Security of 0.5% of the bid price for bids that exceed J$10M. g. Completed and Signed Bid Form. Failure to provide all of the above will result in automatic rejection of the bid. Tender documents may be collected 9:00am-4:00pm Monday –Friday form: The Director Contracts and Supplies Administration Building University Hospital of the West Indies Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica Bidders are required to pay a non-refundable fee of J$5,000.00 or US$50 to the Cashiers, Accounts Department, Administration Building, UHWI for the tender documents which may be obtained on presentation of the receipt. Clarification of the tender documents may be requested by letter to the address above, fax to (876)970-2327 or email to no later than 3:00pm, March 8, 2013. Bids in sealed envelopes must be returned no later than 2:00pm local time, Wednesday March 13, 2013, registered with the Secretary and deposited in the marked tender box located at CEO's Office, Administration Building, and UHWI. The University Hospital of the West Indies is not bound to accept the lowest tender received and reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or to redo the tender. Quantity: EndUser: Information on this trade lead was provided by the US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica Mr. Elvis James Language: English Seller: Agents and Distributors acceptable US Firm Information: Timing: Immediate