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Armored Personnel Carriers for the Police in Pakistan Ground effects vehicles, motor vehicles, trailers & cycles NAICS Code: 336 -- Transportation Equipment Manufacturing/336992 -- Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing American Consulate General Frankfurt Regional Procurement Support Office (RPSO) Giessener Strasse 30 60435 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel: ++49 (0)69 7535-3332 Fax: ++49 (0)69 7535-3329 E-Mail: January 23, 2015 PRE-SOLICITATION NOTICE Subject: Solicitation No. SGE500-15-R-0020 - Armored Personnel Carriers for the Police in Pakistan The Regional Procurement Support Office (RPSO), at the American Consulate General in Frankfurt intends to issue, on behalf of the Office of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) at the American Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, a Request for Proposal (RFP) for 10 right-hand drive armored personnel carriers. The subject vehicles will be provided to the National Police of Pakistan under a U.S. Government funded security assistance program. The brief minimum specification requirements for the subject vehicles are set forth below: 10 each - Right-hand drive Armored Personnel Carrier, full-time 4-wheel drive (4x4); Protection Level 3 (B-7) according to NATO Standard STANAG 4569: Armoring Specifications of the Vehicle: Five-sided armoring of the passenger compartment with Protection Level 3; floor of the vehicle to be fitted with blast protection against fragmentation from detonation of 2 DM 51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent light anti-personnel mines; additional ballistic steel plating on the bottom of the vehicle to form a solid protective hull; MINEPLATE blast protection to meet or exceed the requirement of Level 1 of STANAG 4569; 360 degree perimeter ballistic protection of the components within the engine bay; retainers to be installed on all doors; reinforced hinges with steel exterior reinforcement plates to be installed on all doors; transparent armor consisting of bullet resistant glass with Polycarbonate and Mylar bonded to eliminate spalling effect. Specifications of the Vehicle: Full-time 4-wheel drive (4x4) system; 400 HP, 4-stroke, water cooled Turbo-Diesel engine; 6-speed automatic transmission; seating capacity for 8 passengers (2 in front and 6 in rear); payload (all-time) 1,200 Kg or 2,640 Lbs.; hydraulic power assisted steering; ground clearance 300 mm; hydraulic power assisted brakes; heavy duty suspension; steel rim with radial tires and run-flat system; after armoring, the vehicle shall perform at 60 Km/h with the full payload of 1,200 Kg or 2,640 Lbs.; electrical system - 24 VDC (2 x 12 Volt), 120 Ah or better; 2 roof ventilators; 1 exhaust fan; folding seats in crew compartment with seat belts; bullet proof glass - windscreen, side glass and view ports protected with B-7 / NIJ-STD-01 08 01 Level IV, duly covered by steel mesh (openable for cleaning purpose); 6 firing ports; 2 firing hatches; Racks for 6 rifles - Machine Gun (MG) and Light Machine Gun (LMG); 2 ammunition boxes; 360 degree rotating manned turret designed for installation of 12.7 mm MG / 7.62 mm LMG along with 3 view ports; turret with protection Level 3 (B-7) from up-side during operation/ usage, fitted with necessary draining point(s) for the drainage of rain water; anti-mine protection based on Level 3 a & 3 b; ignition and electrical system to be upgraded/modified enabling the vehicle to keep running in areas with jammers; engine hood to be locked and openable only from- 2 - inside the vehicle cabin; roof and turret of the vehicle to be designed to allow drainage of rain and washing water; air conditioner for front and rear; 2 lifting and towing hooks; 2 fire extinguishers; revolving light; search light; siren system; RAM style heavy duty front and rear bumpers with rear step; fuel tank and radiator protected with Level 3 (B-7); running boards and hand rails on both sides of the vehicle; all exterior lights of the vehicle protected with steel mesh (openable for cleaning purpose); CCP TV with camera for back-up/reverse drive; 8 tie down points; wide-angle CCD TV camera and thermal imaging camera for night drive; LCD display with GPS navigation compatible for use in Pakistan; door hinges, handles & locks to be designed and modified as per type and weight of the vehicle; NBC air filtration system; winch drive; public address system; communication system; intercom system; vehicle to have minimum 3 doors (2 front and 1 rear); rear door to have key locking mechanism with additional feature of locking it from inside; 1 first aid box (including first aid kits for 8 passengers); standard vehicle tools; color of vehicle - Blue Camouflage. Tests of Armor Materials: All armoring materials utilized in the structure of the proposed armored vehicle such as ballistic steel, glass and composites, must have been successfully tested against projectiles and explosives by the independent German Beschussamt or iABG (Industrienlagen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH) in Germany or by the equivalent organization in the USA, utilized and accepted by the U.S. Government. Copies of all base material ballistic test reports and certifications shall be made available to the U.S. Government. Tests of Armored Vehicle: The armored vehicle to be proposed must have been tested and certified in accordance with the VPAM (2009) Level VR9 ballistic and blast testing procedures utilized by the independent German Beschussamt or iABG (Industrienlagen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH) in Germany or by the equivalent organization in the USA, utilized and accepted by the U.S. Government. The offerors will have to submit with their proposal copies of the test reports, as proof, that the proposed armored vehicle is based on the same vehicle that was successfully tested and certified by one of the before mentioned organizations. Inspection and Testing of Vehicles: As a part of the quality assurance plan, the U.S. Government reserves the right to conduct inspections and testing of the vehicles at the Contractor’s premises at the following stages: ? During the armoring and upgrading process of the vehicles; ? Pre-delivery inspection prior to shipment of the vehicles to Pakistan. The vehicles will have to comply with specific vehicle requirements mandated by the Government of Pakistan. The contractor will be required to transport the vehicles up to the Seaport in Karachi, Pakistan. The U.S. Government will assist the contractor in obtaining customs clearance and tax exemption documentation from the Government of Pakistan. In order for the U.S. Government to consider proposals (offers) for the subject vehicles, the offerors must meet the following evaluation criteria: ? Provide owner’s and repair manuals for the vehicles; ? Details of warranty provisions available for the vehicles in Pakistan and complete contact information of the authorized dealership(s) in Pakistan;- 3 - ? Data detailing their maintenance and service network/availability of spare parts in Pakistan, and their ability to respond to emergency repairs and other support needs for the vehicles within Pakistan on short notice; ? Confirmation on availability of spare parts for the vehicles in Pakistan for at least 10 years; ? Technical training for the vehicles; ? Drivers/operators training for the vehicles; ? The offerors will have to proof that they have held a minimum of three contracts or subcontracts over the past two years to demonstrate their prior experience in supplying armored vehicles in the required category to companies, organizations and other Government entities, etc. Any additional information, such as letters, associations and standards to substantiate the past performance will have to be furnished by the offerors. Payment Term: Payment(s) to the contractor will be made, within 30 calendar days, after delivery, receipt and acceptance of the vehicles by the U.S. Government at the Seaport in Karachi, Pakistan. No advance payments or partial payments shall be made. The U.S. Government will award a firm fixed-price contract for the subject requirement, and there will be no adjustment due to fluctuations in the currency exchange rates. It is anticipated that the solicitation document will be released during February 2015. Companies interested to participate in the subject solicitation, shall express their interest via written correspondence to the attention of Mr. Tahir Siddiq, Contract Specialist, at the e-mail address:, with a copy to, no later than close of business, Thursday, February 12, 2015, using the Solicitation Number: SGE500-15-R-0020, in the subject line. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE. All requests for a copy of the solicitation MUST include the following information: Name of the company, name of point of contact with email address, telephone and fax numbers, and complete physical and mailing address of the company. The solicitation package will only be available in the English language. Therefore, companies shall be knowledgeable in written and spoken English. The solicitation and award will be subject to the laws and regulations of the United States of America, and is being competed utilizing full and open competition procedures.