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RUBBER SHEET,SOLID Miscellaneous Manufacturing/339991 -- Gasket, Packing, and Sealing Device Manufacturing BUYER: DLA LAND AND MARITIME VALVES HARDWARE DIVISION PO BOX 3990 COLUMBUS OH 43218-3990 USA Name: James Duffala Buyer Code:PMCMVEC Tel: 614-692-3979 Fax: 614-693-1557 Email: DSCC-FMVE.INQUIRY@DLA.MIL POC INFORMATION: DRAWINGS MAY BE OBTAINED AT DISCREPANCIES FOUND IN BIDSETS SHOULD BE E-MAILED TO ALL OTHER QUESTIONS (SOLICITATION REQUIREMENTS, ITEM DESCRIPTION, AWARD CHOICE, ETC.), PLEASE CONTACT THE BUYER SHOWN ABOVE. QUESTIONS REGARDING OPERATION OF THE DLA-BSM INTERNET BID BOARD SYSTEM SHOULD BE E-MAILED to FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE, PLEASE REFER TO THE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQS) ON BSM DIBBS AT: OR PHONE 1-855-DLA-0001 (1-855-352-0001). MASTER SOLICITATION THIS SOLICITATION INCORPORATES THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH IN THE DLA MASTER SOLICITATION FOR EPROCUREMENT AUTOMATED SIMPLIFIED ACQUISITIONS (PART 13) REVISION 25 (OCTOBER 14, 2014) WHICH CAN BE FOUND ON THE WEB AT: THIS BUY MAY BE A CANDIDATE FOR AUTOMATED AWARD. HOWEVER, AUTOMATED SOLICITATIONS CONTAINING FIRST ARTICLE TEST REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT CANDIDATES FOR AN AUTOMATED AWARD. ALL QUOTES MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA THE DLA INTERNET BID BOARD SYSTEM (DIBBS) AT MICRO-PURCHASE QUOTES MAY BE AWARDED PRIOR TO RETURN DATE. DLAD 52.219-9015 COMBINED SERVICE-DISABLED VETERAN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS/SMALL BUSINESS SET ASIDE INSTRUCTIONS - TYPE 1 APPLY NORTH AMERICAN INDUSTRY CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM 339991 SEE FOR THE CORRESPONDING SMALL BUSINESS SIZE STANDARD. DFARS 252.225-7001, BUY AMERICAN AND BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM, APPLIES TO ALL QUOTES ABOVE THE MICRO-PURCHASE THRESHOLD. ORIGIN INSPECTION REQUIRED - FAR 52.246-2 APPLIES THE CONTRACTOR SHALL COMPLY WITH THE TAILORED ISO 9001 HIGHER-LEVEL QUALITY STANDARD. FAR 52.246-11 HIGHER-LEVEL CONTRACT QUALITY REQUIREMENT and DLAD 52.246-9043 HIGHER-LEVEL CONTRACT QUALITY REQUIREMENT (NON-MANUFACTURERS) APPLY. Offerors are encouraged to submit price break information with their quotes. Solicitations which are manually evaluated and awarded at increased quantities may be awarded based on the price break information submitted with the offeror's original quotation without further solicitation or discussion. If you anticipate quoting on a solicitation after the closing date, please submit a DIBBS quote with a bid type of “No Bid” and place an anticipated quote date or the reason you are not willing to quote. This does not prevent you from submitting an actual quote on DIBBS at a later date. It will overlay your previous no quote. This informs buyers of your intention to quote and prevents multiple calls for updates and cancelling of requirements assumed to be non-procurable due to no quotes/sources. The submission of an anticipated quote date does not preclude DLA from making an award to another acceptable timely offer. Procurement History for NSN/FSC:002449276/9320 CAGE Contract Number Quantity Unit Cost AWD Date . 6A252 SPE7M214V0934 5600.000 10.00000 20140401 6A252 SPE7M214M1529P00001 2500.000 10.25000 20140206 4ECU9 SPE7M214M0596 3200.000 10.50000 20131120 6A252 SPE7M214M0157P00001 3250.000 10.45000 20131011 46YF5 SPE7M213M0277P00002 6800.000 10.90000 20130729 4ECU9 SPM7M213M2992 2056.000 11.25000 20130408 46YF5 SPM7M213M2608P00001 1818.000 14.00000 20130315 4ECU9 SPM7M213M2077P00001 3800.000 10.12000 20130211 13620 SPM7L112MD014P00001 6756.000 6.69648 20120719 5FP34 SPM7M212M2251P00005 2649.000 12.00000 20120307 46YF5 SPM7M212M1852P00001 2039.000 12.39000 20120208 94519 SPM7M211M5502P00001 7320.000 12.95000 20110830 4DEY3 SPM7M211M5380 2000.000 14.13000 20110820 4DEY3 SPM7M211M4720P00001 5200.000 13.23000 20110712 0Y6E8 SPM56005D0012009301 7300.000 7.73000 20101101 6A252 SPM7M211V0188P00002 7300.000 9.75000 20101019 94519 SPM7M810M2516P00002 4955.000 11.84000 20100428 0Y6E8 SPM56005D0012005604 5600.000 7.73000 20090211 0Y6E8 SPM56005D0012005201 13600.000 7.73000 20081201 0Y6E8 SPM56005D0012002502 7300.000 7.44000 20070423 This solicitation is being issued under the First Destination Transportation (FDT) program.