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Natural resources & conservation services NAICS Code: 481 -- Air Transportation/481212 -- Nonscheduled Chartered Freight Air Transportation The intent of this solicitation and any resultant agreement is to obtain services of a Call-When Needed Type III aircraft fully operated by qualified personnel and equipped to meet specifications for use in administration and protection of Public Lands throughout USFS Region 4 Intermountain Region. Resultant Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) will be issued as a Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment BOA not to exceed 1 base year and 3 renewal periods for the daily availability rate. The flight rate will be an indefinite quantity with no guarantee of flight hours given by the Government. Aircraft furnished may be used for fire support, project, law enforcement, and administrative flights. The government has Interagency and cooperative agreements with Federal and State agencies and private landholders. Aircraft may be dispatched for interagency use. Contracting Office Address: U.S. Forest Service, Contracting Owyhee Building - MS 1100 3833 S. Development Avenue Boise, Idaho 83705-5354 United States Place of Performance: USFS Region 4 Intermountain Region - Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Western Wyoming Boise, Idaho 83705 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Todd R. Novinger, Contracting Officer Phone: 208-387-5272 Fax: 208-387-5384 Secondary Point of Contact: Tessa Bach, Procurement Technician Phone: 208-387-5670 Fax: 208-387-5384