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Aspen Fire Mechanical Piling Natural resources & conservation services NAICS Code: 115 -- Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry/115310 -- Support Activities for Forestry The purpose of this contract is to reduce fuels, release conifers from brush competition, and to prepare sites for tree planting within the Aspen wildfire area and the Soaproot timber sale area, by mechanically clearing and piling slash, vegetation, and other debris (approx. 290 acres). Prior to this treatment the areas, within the Aspen fire, will have been harvested, removing the dead and dying material of commercial size. In addition two of the units will have the small trees thinned and or just cut if they are dead. The units in the Soaproot item will also have been harvested using a thinning prescription and whole tree yarding technology. Work on this project shall be done in a manner that does not damage residual trees or vegetation not specified to be treated. Work is to be performed on the High Sierra Ranger District. Item one requires the contractor to pile the slash with a dozer equipped with a brush rake. The dozer must be appropriately sized to pile the material and work between the remaining trees without damage to the trees. The use of an excavator as described in the next item is also acceptable. Item two and three require the use of an excavator or other type of low ground pressure equipment, equipped with an arm with a grapple or bucket and thumb attachment. The reason for this is to minimize the impacts on soils in these units. By using the arm and grapple attachment the movement of the equipment can be minimized reducing the amount of ground disturbance and compaction. There will not be a formal site visit. Bidders are encouraged to visit the work sites on their own. For information regarding directions to the site, contact Tim Veach or Ray Acker at (559) 855-5355 Ext. 3323. Complete specifications will be available for download at during the week of August 18, 2014. Contracting Office Address: 701 N. Santa Anita Ave. Arcadia, California 91006 United States Place of Performance: Sierra National Forest High Sierra Ranger District Prather, California 93651 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Mary E Cantrell Phone: 559 297-0706 Ext. 4890 Fax: 559 294-4833