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Recreational & athletic equipment NAICS Code: FUNCTIONAL TRAINING LOCKER 339 -- Miscellaneous Manufacturing/339920 -- Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing Issue Date: 5 Aug 2014 REQUEST FOR QUOTE RFQ CLOSE DATE: 8:00AM PST ON 11 August 2014 REQUIRED DELIVERY DATE: 30 Days ARO The Government intends on issuing a purchase order/delivery order to the quoters that represents the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA). The following will be considered when determining technical acceptability: ? Adherence to the salient characteristics ? Delivery terms ? Vendor installation within 7 days of delivery In accordance with FAR 52.211-6 Brand Name or Equal, this RFQ is for brand name or equal products. If quoting equal items, quoters shall include the specifications and description of the quoted items and how they adhere to salient characteristics. The information shall be presented in a manner that clearly demonstrates how equal items meet the listed salient characteristics. This is a notice that this is a total set aside for Small Business and must be applicable with NAICS code 339920 and have a size standard of 500 employees. Alternate NAICS codes will be accepted on a case by case basis. Only quotes submitted by Small Businesses will be considered by the Government. Any quote that is submitted by a contractor that is not Small Business will not be considered for award. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION ON THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: CLIN ITEM M/F PART NUMBER QTY UNIT PRICE AMOUNT 0001 FUCTIONAL TRAINING LOCKER BEAVER FIT FTL-20L 1 SALIENT CHARACTERISTICS: ? Stationary unit (shipping container and attachments) to fit within a 27 by 22 dirt footprint. ? Container must be capable of holding attached functional training rigs with: -(24) external pull-up stations -(4) 9ft climbing wings -(3) dip bar attachments -(1) grappler attachment -(1) wall ball attachment -(2) safety squat attachments ? Free standing Rig must fit within a 10 by 10 area. ? Free standing functional training rig must be self- stabilizing that will be easy to assembly, dismantle, store and transport ? Must feature two climbing wings, monkey bars and an interchangeable pegs where safety squat racks will be attached and the capability of handling the hanging suspension training systems. ? Unit must be weather-proof, water proof, moisture and salt resistant, galvanized and powder coated steel that will withstand exposure to saltwater air and airplane pollutants. ? Unit access must be easily accessible to equipment inside container. ? Unit must have more that one door/entrance (Key is storing training equipment and intent is to move equipment in and out with ease) ? Internal storage to include wall mounting. ? Storage options should be customizable to provide efficient storage for items listed below and 2 mobile row machines. ? Functional Training Locker equipment shall include: ? (12) TRX FORCE Kits or comparable that equals to the TRX FORCE Kit ? (12) TRX Rip Trainers or comparable that equals to the TRX Rip Trainer ? (4) Battling Ropes 1.5 in diameter and 30 in length made of polypropylene with booted ends or comparable that equals to Battling ropes ? (12) medicine balls with soft Kevlar- type cover and weight identifier sewn in to ball to keep from rubbing or wearing off. -(4) 14lbs medicine balls -(4) 18lbs medicine balls -(4) 20lbs medicine balls ? (16) kettle bells that have a large wide handle, coated in thick vinyl layer, and an extra wide flat base for added stability -(4) 12kg kettle bells -(4) 16kg kettle bells -(4) 20kg kettle bells -(4) 24kg kettle bells ? (8) 20kg Olympic Bars 28.5mm diameter with medium knurling of bar for adequate outdoor grip ? (8) 230lb colored Bumper Plate Package Sets ? (2) fixed flat Benches with vinyl covered pad and steel frame ? (8) Collar Sets for barbells with cam lever locking ? system for safety ? (4) adjustable filler Sand Bags with up to 50lb capacity that are designed for high impact and weather resistant ? (8) light speed Ropes with handles that contain stainless steel ball bearings and can detach from rope to allow easy replacement ? (2) Ankorr animate load harnesses or comparable. -Harnesses should have multiple anchor points able to move through 180 degrees of sagittal planes and 360 degrees of transverse planes in order to provide a constant load as the user changes directions. Harness should strap around shoulders and waist at same time ITEM NO SUPPLIES/SERVICES QUANTITY UNIT UNIT PRICE AMOUNT 0002 INSTALLATION 1 Each ? Vendor will provide a one-time installation site visit and set-up of the Functional Training Locker within 7 days of delivery. Qualified Technicians will install the Functional Training Rigs to the sides of the container and set up the Free Standing Functional Training Rig. The process will include attaching the functional training rig to the pre-applied water proof container brackets, attaching the climbing wings to the functional training rig and ensuring the Functional Training Locker is completely set up and ready for use. The Government reserves the right to award no contract at all, depending on the quality of quoters submitted and availability of funds. A quote will be considered non-responsive if technical acceptability is not met. Award will be made on all or none basis.