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Cylinders Inverter/Lifting's Materials handling equipment NAICS Code: 333 -- Machinery Manufacturing/333924 -- Industrial Truck, Tractor, Trailer, and Stacker Machinery Manufacturing SOLE SOURCE SYNOPSIS Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file. SOLE SOURCE SYNOPSIS Type: Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) Posted Date: July 21, 2014 Sole_source_synopsis_for_Cylinder_for_DDPH.doc (24.50 Kb) Description: SOLE SOURCE SYNOPSIS Contracting Office Address: J Avenue DDC J7-AB, Bldg 404 New Cumberland, Pennsylvania 17070-5001 United States Place of Performance: DLA DISTRIBUTION PEARL HARBOR, hi 200 GAFFNEY ST, BLDG 1900 PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii 968604518 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Alexander Ramirez, Contract Specilaist Phone: 7177706407 Fax: 7177705689