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Maintenance, repair, and alteration of real property NAICS Code: 238 -- Specialty Trade Contractors/238330 -- Flooring Contractors #FileName: 1432283/FBO Description.docx Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file. Attachment Type: Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) Description: VA528-14-B-0281 VA528-14-B-0281.docx Solicitation 1 Type: Solicitation Description: VA528-14-B-0281 VA528-14-B-0281_ ALB FLOORING.docx Description: VA528-14-B-0281 S02 - Specs.pdf Description: VA528-14-B-0281 S02 - Dwg 528A8-14-802 Install Flooring.pdf Amendment 1 Type: Mod/Amendment Description: VA528-14-B-0281 A00001 VA528-14-B-0281 A00001.docx Description: VA528-14-B-0281 A00001 S04 - Site Visit Conference Agenda and sign in sheet.docx.pdf Contracting Office Address: Department of Veterans Affairs;Bath VA Medical Center;Network Contracting Office 2 (NCO 2);76 Veterans Avenue;Bath NY 14830 Place of Performance: Department of Veterans Affairs;Albany/Stratton VA Medical Center;113 Holland Avenue;Albany, NY 12208-3410 US Point of Contact(s): Cheryl M Brimmer Contracting Officer 607-664-4748