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Transportation, travel, & relocation services NAICS Code: 334 -- Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing/334516 -- Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing The government intends to award a firm fixed-price contract to Biomerieux Inc. of 100 Rodolphe St. Durham, NC, 27712-9402 in accordance with FAR Subpart 13.106-1(b)(1). The period of performance shall be 60 days from date of award. Biomerieux, Inc. is the sole provider for this service because they are the only vendor shown to provide required customized packaging materials and proper decommissioning, re-installation and qualification services of VIDAS Blue Instrumentation. Contracting Office Address: 5630 Fishers Lane, Room 2129 Rockville, Maryland 20857-0001 United States Place of Performance: Multiple, please see RFQ, attached. United States Primary Point of Contact.: Aimee Swann, Contract Specialist Phone: 2404027607