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Maintenance, repair, and alteration of real property NAICS Code: 236 -- Construction of Buildings/236220 -- Commercial and Institutional Building Construction The work consists of providing all labor, management, supervision, tools, materials, equipment, and transportation necessary to perform the project entitled "Cotton Mills Museum Window Replacement" at Lowell National Historical Park in Lowell, Massachusetts. This project will replace approximately 335 deteriorated existing wood window with new custom aluminum windows and repair approximately 27 existing wood windows that were installed in 1980. These windows are not similar to the original 1871 windows. Replacement windows typical of late 19th century textile mills will more closely match the operation, configuration, and historical appearance of original windows. The building protects and displays the park's primary museum collections and stands within the complex of nine large mills comprising the Boott Cotton Mills, a National Historic Landmark. Contracting Office Address: 12795 West Alameda Parkway Lakewood, Colorado 80228 United States Place of Performance: Boott Cotton Mills Lowell National Historical Park Lowell, Massachusetts United States Primary Point of Contact.: Paula Johnson, Contract Specialist Phone: 303-987-6643 Secondary Point of Contact: Aaron Adams, Contracting Officer Phone: (303) 969-2789