Trade Leads

Wooden Chairs, Barstools, Banquet Chairs Global Contact has received another Request for Procurement of a large order (approximately 500 pieces) of various unassembled Padded Wooden Chairs, unassembled wooden barstools, and Assembled Banquet Chairs. This order will be needed on a repeating basis. All Specifications including size, weight, shipping costs and lead time should be emailed directly to Global Contact at the contact provided below. Basic Information: Location: U.S.A. Industry : Chairs, Barstools, Furniture, Household and Commercial, Diversified merchandise Related Services & Distribution Contact Information: Issuing Organization: Global Contact Contact Name: Mr. Ryan Christopher Phone: 856-988-1160 Lead Description: Private Lead: Quantity: This is a repeating order EndUser: Language: English Seller: Agents and Distributors acceptable US Firm Information: Timing: continuous Issuing Agency: Global Contact Export Department Do Bidding Procedures Apply: No Solicitation Type: Private Sector