Trade Leads

OVERSEAS COMPANY LOOKING TO PURCHASE WOOD PALLETS FROM U.S. SUPPLIER Basic Information: Location: Industry : Lumber Industry : Construction, Lumber Contact Information: Issuing Organization: Nodridge Co.,LTD overseas manager Contact Name: JongKyun Kim email: Voice: 1.856.988.1160 (within U.S.) Fax: 1.856.988.0609 (within U.S.) Lead Description: Private Lead Nodridge Co. Ltd. is seeking to acquire various lumber equipment including pallets and supplies. All Suppliers are welcome as the supplies are on a rotating and continuous basis. Please send direct contact information only including price and quantity specifications. Quantity: As per description below EndUser: Language: English Seller: Manufacturers and Distributors US Firm Information: Timing: Will purchase in short term (2-6 months) JongKyun Kim Nodridge Co.,LTD overseas manager