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Maintenance, repair, and alteration of real property NAICS Code: 237 -- Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237310 -- Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction The Norfolk District, Corps of Engineers is conducting Market Research to identify potential Sources for the Repair Perimeter Road project at DLA, Chesterfield County, Richmond, Virginia. The project will provide pavement repairs and resurfacing to approximately 2 miles of existing 12' - 16' wide roadway at DLA from the intersection with Road A to the Intersection with 8th Street. The repairs include grading and fill to eliminate existing potholes and washouts using recycled asphalt pavement and #21 stone. A portion of the roadway is to be milled and resurfaced while the entire roadway is to have a variable depth asphalt pavement overlay (2" minimum). " Contracting Office Address: 803 Front Street Norfolk, Virginia 23510-1096 United States Place of Performance: Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) From the Intersection with Road A to the Intersection with 8th Street Chesterfield, Virginia United States Primary Point of Contact.: Jaime C. Scott Howard, Contract Specialist Phone: 7572017158 Fax: 7572017183 Secondary Point of Contact: Joy M. Wright, Contracting Officer Phone: 7572017145 Fax: 7572017183