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Utilities and housekeeping services NAICS Code: 561 -- Administrative and Support Services/561990 -- All Other Support Services Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC (hereinafter called "LLNS") is seeking sources for the performance of full-time fire suppression and rescue services, pre-incident planning, assigned fire prevention activities, emergency medical services, hazardous materials emergency response, personnel training and drills, and maintenance and testing of fire department equipment in support of LLNS' requirements. The services will entail fire prevention, training, and site familiarization activities necessary to prepare for emergency operations. Contracting Office Address: 7000 East Avenue L-650 Livermore, California 94550 Place of Performance: 7000 East Avenue L-650 Livermore, California 94550 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Shawn Ecklund, Contract Analyst Phone: 925-424-3146 Secondary Point of Contact: David Lee, Group Manager Phone: 925-422-3221 Fax: 925-423-0450