Trade Leads

Importing company in need of large quantity of Soybean seeds, Soybean meal (47+) and Soybean meal (44+) Basic Information: B&H International LLC. International Trade and Development Location: Panama City Beach, Florida Industry : GCG, General Consumer Goods Contact Information: Issuing Organization: B&H International LLC. Contact Name: Syed Haq George Contact Email: Lead Description: Private Lead Quantity: Various EndUser: n/a Language: English or Spanish Seller: Agents and Distributors acceptable If interested please post your details directly to the contact above, or For privacy protection, you may also email a message to Contact Name: Ryan Christopher Voice: 856-988-1160 Fax: 856-988-0609 Global Contact can process monetary conversion, (via World Currency), assist with warehousing,tariff consultation and export insurance if needed.