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Instruments & laboratory equipment NAICS Code: 334 -- Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing/334516 -- Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing The Army is soliciting field portable technologies to be incorporated into a one man portable fuel quality surveillance system termed the Petroleum Expeditionary Analysis Kit (PEAK). Technologies will be used to verify the suitability of fuel at the point of consumption and provide quality checks of bulk fuel prior to issue. Technologies should also provide an indications of the presence of fuel additives (fuel system icing inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, and static dissipater) required for military turbine fuels. PEAK technologies should also measure free water and particulate contamination levels Contracting Office Address: 6501 EAST 11 MILE ROAD Warren, Michigan 48397-5000 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Christopher J. Miklasz, Contract Specialist Phone: 5862828288 Secondary Point of Contact: Veronica Johnson , Assistant Product Manager Phone: 586-282-4871