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Construction, mining, excavating & highway maintenance equipment NAICS Code: 237 -- Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237310 -- Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction PROJECT TITLE: Paving Projects Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana a. Repair base roads, curbs, parking lots, and sidewalks as shown on project drawings. b. Construct parking lot at Bldg. 563 as shown on project drawings. c. Construct an access drive at Bldg. 670 and Pad at Bldg. 428 as shown on project drawings. d. Renovate Base Entry Point as shown on project drawings. Contracting Office Address: 448 Mustang Ave Grissom ARB, Indiana 46971-5320 Place of Performance: Grissom Air Reserve Base 1900 West Mustang Avenue Grissom ARB, Indiana 46971 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Michelle R. Long Phone: 7656882826 Secondary Point of Contact: Don A. Roque, Contracting Officer Phone: 765 688-2827/2807