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Textiles, leather, furs, apparel & shoe findings, tents & flags NAICS Code: 313 -- Textile Mills/313210 -- Broadwoven Fabric Mills 72" wide Aramid fabric for use with the M997A3 Ambulance in accordance with MIL-DTL-62474 and the following salient minimum characteristics Aramid Fabric must be capable of being formed using an Autoclave. This requires type 2, class B fabric (2-sided coating). One-sided coating with PVB-modified phenolic resin per MIL-DTL-62474 will not result in acceptable product due to Autoclave limitations. 72" must be the usable width of the product, prior to cutting on RIA-JMTC waterjets. This requires a delivered width from the vendor of 72" to 73". 2.3 Physical Characteristics Per MIL-DTL-62474: 3000 denier Lot Size Definition ASTM D123 Weave Style Basket 2 x 2 Finish Treatment, 1% Scoured fabric Properties Nominal Lower Limit Upper Limit Warp Yarn Count (per inch) 21.00 20.00 22.00 Weft Yarn Count (per inch) 21.00 20.00 22.00 Pre-Preg Fabric Dry Weight (oz per sy) 16.25 15.50 17.00 Percent Sizing (%) of PVOH - - 0.50 Fabric Minimum Width (in.) 72 72 73.5 Contracting Office Address: BLDG 211 RODMAN AVENUE Rock Island, Illinois 61299-5000 United States Primary Point of Contact.: John Jacobsen Phone: 309-782-5149