Trade Leads

Classification Code: 66 -- Instruments & laboratory equipment The APG - Tenant Division requires the following items, Brand Name Only (Exact Match), to the following: LI 001: BRAND NAME ONLY - SKC, Inc. AirChek XR5000 (PN: 210-5001) in accordance with Attachment I - Specifications and Requirements., 120, EA; LI 002: Brand Name Only: SKC, Inc. 5 Station Charger (PN: 223-441), 29, EA; LI 003: Brand Name Only: SKC, Inc. LF Const Pressure Controller (PN: 224-26-CPC), 120, EA; LI 004: Brand Name Only: SKC, Inc. Dual ADJ Flow Holder (PN: 224-26-02), 60, EA; LI 005: Brand Name Only: SKC, Inc. Quad ADJ Flow Holder (PN: 224-26-04), 60, EA; LI 006: Shipping, 1, JOB; Contracting Office Address: 6001 Combat Drive, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005 Place of Performance: APG-EA, MD 21010 21010 US Point of Contact(s): Name: Client Services, Title: Client Services, Phone: 1.877.933.3243, Fax: 703.422.7822, Email:;