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KeyWatcher System Add-on Components Item 0001: Add-on cabinets to expand existing KeyWatcher key control system, Serial Number 016452, to include cabinet(s) and software with the minimum features described below. Add-on cabinet hardware and software must be compatible with existing system. Quantity: 2 cabinets The add-on cabinets shall meet the following minimum requirements: Each cabinet shall have six (6) 16-key modules Cabinets shall be constructed of steel, minimum of 18 gauge Cabinet must be wall mounted and allow for expansion at a later date to handle large amounts of keys Cabinets have electric lock that only opens if user has access to the keys requested The cabinet should include a mechanical key override system to allow access to the keys in case of emergency The cabinet shall include an alarm to indicate unauthorized use Key locations should be identified by built-in display and illuminating key location Each key shall be electronically locked (separate locations) within the cabinet and releasable only by an authorized user Electronic key tags must have tough, tamper-proof housing with an electronic link between the key and the cabinet The software shall meet the following minimum requirements: Capability for users to return keys to any open location within the cabinet Capable of tracking key movements by Time, Date and User Code Capable of key removal by number or name Alarm for overdue keys, illegal removals, open door, illegal entry, and invalid keys Capability to handle a minimum of 100 user codes and multiple access levels Capability for authorized users to enable an emergency release function for keys