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NEED FABRIC: Quantity Needed: 48,480 kgs fabric on below details. If you have any source please help & kindly inform. 95% Cotton+5% Elastan Single Jersey 150gsm 36s/1 combed cotton + 20'd dupont lycra (INVISTA & s/b certificate provide for this lycra quality) Knitting use 36s/1 count yarn with 28gg tention lacrya 3gr and 31 cm consumption yarn per 100 Needles. Width: arround 64" cuttabler (with gum but not cut) Shrinkage: L6% X W6% for tumble dry (Reactive Dyeing & Enzyme finish) Basic Information: Location: Bangladesh Industry: Textiles Contact Information: Issuing Organization: If interested please post your details directly to or email a message to Contact Name: Ryan Christopher Voice: 856-988-1160 Fax: 856-988-0609 Global Contact can process monetary conversion, (via World Currency), assist with warehousing,tariff consultation and export insurance if needed.