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Machine Shop, Corrosion, and Paint Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division acts as the In-Service-Engineering-Agent (ISEA) for the MK 46 Optical Sight System (OSS) and the MK 20 Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS) deployed on surface ships in the United States Naval and Coast Guard Fleets, as well as other Foreign Military Sales (FMS) countries. As the ISEA, we are responsible for the oversight of the acquisition, repair, refurbishment and/or overhaul for components and sub-components of both systems to ensure a safe, effective and affordable capability is provided. The Gun Weapon System Replacement Program (GWSRP) has been established to support the repair/refurbishment requirements of the Program. The requirements established under this SOW are in direct support of GWSRP. REQUIREMENTS Strip, corrosion proof, and paint quanity QTY SIX (6) MK 15 Daylight Imaging Sensor (DIS) in accordance with (IAW) Technical Repair Standard (TRS) 1.1.0 Strip, corrosion proof, and paint QTY SIX (6) MK 16 Thermal Imaging Sensors (TIS) IAW TRS 1.1.0. Overhaul QTY SIX (6) MK 85 Electro Optic Director (EOD) IAW TRS 1.2.0. Rethread QTY SIX (6) Elevation Shafts, QTY SIX (6) Azimuth Shafts and manufacture QTY SIX (6) each of the following retaining rings IAW the listed drawing: DRWG # ITEM 071520 Elevation Resolver Retainer 071521 Elevation Resolver Bearing Retainer 071523 Azimuth Resolver Bearing Retainer 071524 Elevation Motor inner Bearing Retainer 071525 Elevation Motor Retainer 071557 Azimuth Upper Bearing Retainer 071558 Azimuth Motor Retainer 072253 Elevation Motor outer Bearing Retainer 072349 Azimuth Motor Locknut Retainer Manufacture six (6) each of the following retaining rings IAW the listed drawing: DRWG # ITEM 071522 Azimuth and Elevation Resolver Stator Retainer 071527-1 Azimuth and Elevation Brake Retainer 071527-2 Azimuth and Elevation Brake lock Retainer Create a paint record (containing thickness and environmental readings) for each overhauled unit. If any equipment contains Passive Countermeasure (PCMS) material, remove and dispose of PCMS material in accordance with PCMS Access, Material Control, and Disposal Manual ACD 05T1-05. Removal/installation of PCMS material shall be performed by only qualified personnel holding approved NAVSEA PCMS certification. Installation of PCMS shall be IAW NAVSEA drawing 7498087. All excess material shall be returned to the Government sponsor upon completion of PCMS installation. Deviations to any specifications require approval from the Government POC identified below before implementation. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE Work shall be performed in San Diego, CA. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE/DELIVERY SCHEDULE All work shall be completed no later than 180 days ARO.