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Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Needed 
Weapons NAICS Code: 332 -- Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing/332994 -- Small Arms, Ordnance, and Ordnance Accessories Manufacturing NOUN:BEARING ASSEMBLY, CA P/N: 12553505/19200/3/2 NSN:1025012943342 PKG: MIL "B" INSP/ACPT/FOB: S/S/D QTY: 12 (OPTION: 100%) WSC: KF - Howitzer, Full Tracked, Self-Propelled 105mm, M109 Contracting Office Address: ATTN: CCTA-CSI-W, MS #445 6501 E Eleven Mile Road Warren, Michigan 48397-5000 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Eric R. Esau Phone: 5862823202