Trade Leads

Seeking Marketing Company in the United States Basic Information: Location: Colonia Escalon, El Salvador Contact Information: Issuing Organization: Chicas Vilchez & Ruiz, S.A. Contact Name: CÚsar Chicas Ruiz Voice: (503) 2264-8069 Fax: (503) 2264-8069 Lead Description: Private Lead Chicas Vilchez & Ruiz S.A. is interested in hiring a marketing company that will help them identify clients in the U.S. The U.S. marketing service provider should have expertise in oureaching to American companies interested in outsourcing their accounting department to a third party. Quantity: n/a EndUser: Chicas Vilchez & Ruiz S.A. Language: Spanish or English Seller: Agents and Distributors acceptable US Firm Information: marketing tools, price for service Timing: Immediate