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Seeking U.S. companies for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Port of Acajutla. Basic Information: Location: El Salvador Contact Information: Issuing Organization: UNOPS Contact Name: Mireya Mejia Voice: 2263-4481 Fax: 2263-4482 Lead Description: Foreign Government Tender Waste water plant in Port Acajutla. The maximum time for the completion of the project will be of 6 months which will start on the date the contract is signed. The interested bidders will be able to ask for the bid documentation (in spanish) at The information will be send for free to the solicitant's email address. The email must contain the following information: 1. Name of the company 2. Name of the authorized representative 3. Legal company name 4. name of designated contact person 5- NIT - Salvadoran tax number - only when applicable 6. email address UNOP will only receive offers made by companies registered through the email above described. All offers should be accompanied by a guarantee letter for US$10,325 Only those companies that register via email will be considered for the bid.Address to submit offer in El Salvador: Oficina de las naciones Unidas de Servicios para Proyectos (UNOPS) Paseo General Escalon y Calle Arturo Ambrogui No. 112, Colonia Escalon. San Salvador, El Salvador For more information: and SVPC-2013-ITB-1317 Obras Tx Agua.pdf?AttachmentID=f038c4eb-c571-432e-85ae-961dfc0953bd Quantity: EndUser: Port of Acajutla under the management of the Excutive Port Autonomous Comission (CEPA) - www.cepa.go Language: Spanish Seller: Agents and Distributors acceptable US Firm Information: It is recommended that all interested firms register at "UN Global Marketplace" for free at