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Honduras Announces International Public Bid Process for the Design, Construction, Financing, Operation and Maintenance of the Palmerola International Basic Information: Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras Industry : APG, Airport/Ground Support Eq. Industry : ACE, Architectural/Constr./Engineering SVC Contact Information: Issuing Organization: COALIANZA (Comisión para la Promoción de Alianzas Público-Privadas) Contact Name: Marco Tulio Padilla Mendoza Voice: 504-2232-5604 Fax: 504-2232-4647 Lead Description: Foreign Government Tender The Honduran Commission for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships (COALIANZA) has released an invitation to interested companies to participate in the International Public Bid process for the establishment of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in support of the Palmerola International Airport project. Completion of the bid process will award the rights for design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance, and transfer of the air transportation infrastructure for a 30-year period. The project is located at 13.0km from Comayagua, between the capital city, Tegucigalpa, and San Pedro Sula (Honduras' industrial and commercial center). The International Public Bid terms, including a time chart, requirements, and guarantees for bid offer submissions, will be available at COALIANZA's web page ( for all interested companies who have completed access rights payment of One-Thousand Dollars (USD$1,000.00). Such payment (the equivalent amount in Lempiras) must be made through a bank deposit or local/international transfer to COALIANZA's Savings Account: No. 01-240-74549. In addition, a payment of Four-Thousand Dollars (USD$4,000.00) is required in order to obtain bid participation rights. Such payment includes access to the Contract, Newsletters and new versions of the Bid Terms, access to the Information Room, and rights to request interviews, make inquiries in connection to the bid terms, make suggestions to the Concession Contract, prequalify, and proposal submissions. Bid process payments can be made through one of the following bank accounts: - Intermediary Bank: Citibank N.A. Address: New York, N.Y. Swift: CITIUS33 ABA: 021000089 Beneficiary Bank: Banco Ficohsa Account Number: 36121605 Swift: FCOHHNTE Beneficiary: COMISION PARA LA PROMOCION DE LA ALIANZA Account No: 01-240-74549 - Intermediary Bank: Bank of America Address: 100 s e 2nd Street Miami, Florida 33131 Swift: BOFAUS3N ABA: 026009593 Beneficiary Bank: Banco Ficohsa Account number: 1901959817 Swift: FCOHHNTE Beneficiary: COMISION PARA LA PROMOCION DE LA ALIANZA Account No.: 01-240-74549 - Intermediary Bank: Wells Fargo Bank N.A Address: New York, N.Y. Swift: PNBPUS3NNYC ABA: 026005092 Beneficiary Bank: Banco Ficohsa Bank Account number: 2000192000220 Swift: FCOHHNTE Beneficiary: COMISION PARA LA PROMOCION DE LA ALIANZA Account No.: 01-240-74549 In the case of payments done through international bank transfers, a Fifteen Dollars (USD$15.00) processing fee is also applicable. Once payment is completed, interested parties must send the deposit note (for either Access to the Bid Terms and/or for Participation in the Bid Process) to the following e-mail address: There will be no reimbursements for these payments. For more information, interested parties must contact: COALIANZA Address: Col. Altos de Miramontes, Callejon La Cumbre, Bloque T Casa #2737 Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., Honduras, Centroamerica Att: Marco Tulio Padilla Mendoza-Secretario Ejecutivo Phone Numbers: 011 (504) 2232-5604; (504) 2232-4647 E-mail: Office Hours: Monday - friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Seller: Agents and Distributors acceptable Issuing Agency: COALIANZA Do Bidding Procedures Apply: International Public Bidding Solicitation Type: PPP