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Miscellaneous Manufacturing Needed
Medical, dental & veterinary equipment & supplies NAICS Code: 339 -- Miscellaneous Manufacturing/339113 -- Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing The Defense Health Agency (DHA) Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Division Medical Materiel Enterprise Standardization Office (MMESO) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support Medical Prime Vendor (PV) Program announce a Standardization Action (SA) for the standardization of Emesis Bags. Vendors who qualified for the Qualified Suppliers List (QSL) MN 1412-04_Emesis Bags are eligible for participation. The MMESO North is the lead MMESO for this project. These Emesis Bags products are for purchase by the Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) of the Military Health System (MHS) and for the operational assemblages of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Naval Expeditionary Medical Support Command (NEMSCOM) and managed regionally by MMESOs North, South, West, Pacific and Europe, hereafter referred to as MMESOs. The Incentive Agreement (IA) resulting from this Sources Sought Notification is a supplement to the Prime Vendor (PV) Program and is not a contract. For additional information regarding DLA Troop Support Medical's PV program please access the web site at This Sources Sought Notification is intended to solicit pricing quotes from vendors who are on the subject QSL. The pricing that is provided must be discounted from Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA) prices or proposed DAPA prices. Vendors who are currently qualified for the QSL must meet the requirements below. The resulting IA will be for a base period of two (2) years (24 months) from date of selection, with three (3) 12-month "option" periods not to exceed a total of 5 years. Anticipated selection date is December 2015. Among vendors who are on the subject QSL, best price will determine selection. It is intended that the selected vendor(s) for this IA will support the enterprise goal of medical materiel standardization that combines operational and institutional requirements. The government is seeking a single vendor selection for an IA. The government reserves the right to standardize or not standardize on Emesis Bags. A. Products & Performance Required. The MMESOs are seeking product line items in the category of Emesis Bags. The total estimated enterprise-wide annual demand for this product line is approximately $450,881 based on Medical Product Data Bank (MedPDB) usage data over a recent 12-month period. The usage data represents requirements for the Army, Navy, and Air Force Institutional MTFs, along with operational assemblages in the Department of Defense (DoD). The specifications for this project are shown in Requirements below. Contracting Office Address: 700 Robbins Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111-5096 United States Place of Performance: Medical Materiel Enterprise Standardization Offices Northern Regional Medical Command HQ ATTN: ACSLA (MCAT-LA) Building 1221 2nd Floor 9275 Doerr Road. Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060 United States Primary Point of Contact.: Ms Vivian Alexander, MMESO North Clinical Analyst Phone: (571) 231-5842 Secondary Point of Contact: Mr Terry Moren, MMESO North Team Leader Phone: (571) 231-5451