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We are an Import / Export Management & Consulting Company that was established in 1992. Its staff has a combined 50 years experience in international trade. We put this expertise to use to ensure that our clients are importing or exporting in the most efficient manner without jeopardizing the quality of service.

Here are some programs that we have developed:

Auditing: Cost Reduction, Profit Enhancement and U.S. Customs Compliance

To improve quality of service and increase the profits of its clients, we have recently introduced an auditing service. The service begins with a review and evaluation of all aspects of a company's import and export transactions from inland freight costs to choice of payment method and in-house operations and controls. Our staff will examine procedures and documents to determine the current status of the client's trade program.

We guarantee that the Trade Audit Service will give its clients peace of mind and confidence in their international trade program. Participation in the auditing process is also evidence that the client is exercising "Reasonable Care," which all companies involved with international trade must exercise under the requirements of the Customs Modernization Act, which went into effect with NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement).

The auditing service frequently results in a reduction of transaction, transportation, banking or other costs related to international trade. We have integrated the auditing service with other cost containment and savings programs such as the Shared Foreign Sales Corporation and our Duty Drawback program.

Duty Drawback Program

If you export a product which had been previously imported into the United States, you may be entitled to receive a refund of 99% of the duty paid when the product was originally imported. This refund is called Duty Drawback.

Duty drawback is not automatic, it is subject to an application process. Applications can be submitted either by the importer of record or by a company that later exports the imported product. If you are exporting there is a very good possibility that your products are entitled to some type of duty drawback. U.S. Customs has stated that millions of dollars each year go unclaimed because the exporters are unaware of their potential for drawback. We will take you through a step by step process to determine the extent to which you are eligible for duty drawback:
  1. We will review and analyze your buying and export procedures.
  2. We will determine the extent to which you are eligible for duty drawback.
  3. We will educate you regarding the duty drawback process.
  4. We will implement a duty drawback program which will result in a refund of 99% of duty paid on the imported product. In some cases we can recoup your duty paid on exported products from 3 years ago.
Import and Export Management

We will serve as your import or export department. We will perform all the tasks related to and assume full responsibility for your import or export transactions. We will work with your in house personnel and your customs broker, freight forwarder, banks, and trucking companies to make sure each shipment is delivered timely and cost effectively to you or your customer's door.

A licensed Customs Broker on our staff will supervise every transaction and insure compliance with applicable U.S. Customs regulations. We audit every invoice to protect your company from being charged excessive fees.

Our expertise in the international trade field guarantees that we will reduce or contain your international trade expenditures while improving or maintaining service levels.

International Trade Consultation

We will assist you in establishing or updating your import/export program and procedures. We will customize a program to meet your specific needs, allowing you to operate in the most cost effective manner.

Whether you are new to international trade, or just need advice on a product requirement or regulation, we can assist you in determining import or export restrictions, Customs classification, documentary and record keeping requirements, marking, labeling and packaging requirements. We can also advise you as to the best methods of transportation for your product and provide contacts in foreign markets.

We also provide trade management, and advisory services. It specializes in customs and export regulations, product classifications and tariffs, drawback, NAFTA, GATT, and other trade agreements, rules of origin, transportation and insurance, warehousing, distribution and logistics, product related and country specific import requirements, protests, etc.

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